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Head of Bugsy Beach 9.30.23

PA Crew spent a drizzly Saturday at Bugsy Beach and had a great start to the fall season.

Men's V4+ met with some boat traffic in the turn, yet finished stronger, showing improvement and

faster times than last season. WV4+ finished 5th The regatta was the women's first- time rowing together, as a varsity rower went on the DL several days earlier. Way to pull it together ladies!

Our B boats were mixes of novice (first regatta) and varsity. They performed as anticipated 2 novice

in women's and 1 in the men's. Over all they did great! Of special note was our mixed novice 8+ which finished 2nd out of 6 boats. The boat had 3 men and 5 women, 2 of the rowers had rowed in previous races that day but, all rowers, this was their first regatta!


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