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While PA Crew operates with the help  of countless parent volunteers, PA Crew can only stay afloat with the leadership of our  two coaches and our launch driver who volunteer numerous hours coaching and assisting our rowers.  Not only are they present for daily practices, they also attend every regatta from the minute the boats arrive, 6:30 am at the race venues, until the boats are secured back at our practice site.  Our coaches must also take on the daunting task of maintaining and repairing our fleet of rowing shells. 

Additionally, we can't fail to mention our practice location host, Mrs. Jamille Alimard, who graciously opened up her backyard and home to house the team and the immense amount of equipment that a crew team requires.  We are fortunate to practice within close proximity of our school.  Read more about our wonderful host.

Without the dedication and generosity of all those aforementioned, PA Crew would not be here today.  Thank you! 

Our Coaches: Welcome


Coach John


Jon Macy

A former collegiate rower and mechanical engineer who built his own airplane, Coach Jon serves as the current full time coach for PA Crew.  His goals for the team: keep each rower safe, teach each rower the proper mechanics of rowing, and instill a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Coach Carol


Carol Downing

Coach Carol, a team plank owner, is also a former collegiate rower and has provided constant presence and support throughout the team's existence.  When she's not on the launch directing our rowers, preparing boat assignments, or at the regattas ensuring all are ready for their races, she's busy at her full time job as a pediatrician.  As each boat shoves off from the dock, you'll often hear her encouraging the rowers with a favorite quote, "Have fun storming the castle!"

Our Coaches: Meet The Team
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