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Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Princess Anne Crew Club can't function without the incredible amount of support supplied by our amazing and generous parent volunteers! Unlike most local school sports teams, PACC doesn't receive any funding or organizational support from VBPS administration or Princess Anne High School - we exist as a Club under their oversight. As a result, we rely on our rowers' parents/guardians to act as the engine that drives PACC - performing every task from serving on the Board of Directors, providing transportation to and from practices and regattas, to supporting fundraisers and team parties.  If your student is invited to become part of our PACC family, you will have many opportunities to help out!

Ways you can support your student rower and the team!

There are 2 categories of parent volunteers in PACC - 1) you can serve on the Board of Directors and/or 2) you can help out by supporting the team during our Fall and Spring Regatta seasons, team parties and events.

Board of Directors

PACC needs to fill the following critical positions on our Board as soon as possible:

  • Safety Lead

This critical position requires a volunteer who can attend a quarterly Board meeting as well as carry out specific duties. Our Safety Lead will be busy in the run up to our regattas, which occur on weekends from October - November and again in March - May. 

If you are interested in learning more about filling this position, please email the Board President at We are fortunate to have wonderful parents on our Board and we would love to welcome you!

Parent Coordinators & Organizers

PACC rowers will need support in the following areas during the 2023-2024 school year:

  • Fundraising Assistant - helps Fundraising Lead track rower progress & provides related information to Social Media Lead

  • Parent Volunteer Coordinator - assists Board & Coaches by insuring all aspects of team volunteer needs are met

  • Safety Assistants - these critical assistants support our Safety lead and ensure our rowers and coaches have met various health and safety standards at practices and regattas 

  • Boat Trailer Drivers - help with boat loading/unloading and driving to and from regattas; drivers must have access to a vehicle that can tow our boat/food & supply trailers 

  • Website Manager - our website changes along with the seasons and occasionally requires maintenance & updating. Major events, such as our Fall Fundraiser and Summer Learn 2 Row Clinics, require minimal changes to be made to our landing page and sometimes tweaking of internal page information/links.  

If you would like more information on any of these positions that make it possible for your student to participate in this ultimate team sport, or if you have already decided that you can fill one, please let our Board President know with an email to Thank you!

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