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Mother Nature Plays Havoc With the Halloween Regatta

One of the team's favorite regattas has been canceled not once, but twice due to Mother Nature being in control. Those who row or have rowed in the past know fully that crew is a hard enough sport when conditions on the water are perfect. Throw in some wind, gusts, and rain, and conditions on the water become dangerous. The team can prepare physically, load up the boats, be ready to go, and at the last minute, a regatta can be called off. But that's okay. The team is flexible and adapts to all obstacles thrown its way.

So instead of competing on the water, our wonderful pasta party hosts let the team gather to show off the halloween regatta costumes each boat had already prepared for the regatta. And the winner is...

Men's Juniors 4+ with their Wizard of Oz themed boat, four awesome flying monkeys (donning PA Crew colors) and their wicked witch coxswain who, by the way, is truly the anti-wicked witch.

Our runners-up... Monsters Inc. Women's Juniors 4+ missing their coxswain in a hazmat suit.

Best Randall - six-limbed purple reptile costume ever!

Stay tuned for the next blog post when we will reveal some exciting news!

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