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PA Crew End-of-the-Year Celebration

PA Crew's year has come to its conclusion with a pool party that featured a full-fledged thunderstorm, lightning et al, which seemingly came out of nowhere and lasted for half an hour. It was then followed by bright sunshine and scorching humidity. The team huddled under the tent, shifted operations into the clubhouse for 10 minutes, went back out to eat, swam for 10 minutes, then concluded with awards and thank you presentations. If one were to describe PA Crew today and how they handled this past year, flexibility and tenacity would surely define this team. No matter the circumstance, the team adapts and moves forward. Even when they lost their practice site and head coach last spring, they tackled the challenge and overcame.

Fortunately, no further thunderstorms ensued and they were able to thank their coaches and board members while bidding a sad farewell to their seniors and their parents, outgoing board members, and volunteers. Congratulations PA Crew on a successful year. The future's so bright you gotta wear PA Crew gear. :)

PA Crew Seniors, Class of 2019

Above: PA Crew's Seniors, Class of 2019. L-to-R Coach Carol, Captain Catherine F., Raymond W., Captain Daniel A., Joanna T. (OLHS), Rachel P. (OLHS), Urban K., Coach Jon

Above: Raymond W. and his parents. Raymond will be attending the University of Virginia this fall with the Class of 2023.

Above: Urban K and his parents. "After Urban's father took an opportunity to work for NATO in the United States of America, Urban moved from Slovenia and [sic] continued his schooling as an International Baccalaureate student at Princess Anne High School. We, as his parents, are grateful for all the opportunities he had and all the challenges he met here in the USA. In America he started as a junior and now he has successfully finished IB high school program. Urban was accepted into ODU [Old Dominion University], where he is going to major in physics and hopefully work in NASA or other research facilities in the world."

Above: Captain Catherine F. and her mom. Catherine will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University this fall with the Class of 2023.

Above: Daniel A. with his mother and grandparents. Below: Daniel with his father. Daniel will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University this fall with the Class of 2023.

Above: Rachel P. of Ocean Lakes High School with her father. She will be attending the United States Coast Guard Academy with the Class of 2023.

Above: Joanna T. of Ocean Lakes High School and her parents. She will be attending University of California, Berkeley this fall with the Class of 2023.

Below: Our wonderful board members and coaches. (click on thumbnail to expand)

Last but not least, we are proud to announce our new captains for 2019-2020 school year. Congratulations to Luke P. and Madelyn N.!

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