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PA Crew Continues To Row Their Hearts Out.

If you attended this past weekend's EVSRA Championship Regatta at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, you would have been amazed to see how many rowing teams can fit on a small swath of land. You would have also noticed the slick rowing uniforms and the sleek shiny boats the larger teams possess. But of all those teams, you would have noticed a team that has neither of those things. Instead, you would have heard a team that was louder and more spirited than any other team out there. That team was PA Crew. With fewer than 30 rowers and coxswains, PA Crew gave their best, cheered each other on, and kept on rowing.

Both Mens and Womens Varsity 4s made it into the Petite Finals where the Mens Varsity 4 came in 2nd place by only point zero five seconds! Both Mens 2 and Womens 2 Varsity 4 boats made it to the Finals and Womens Novice 4 easily placed 2nd in their heat to make it into the Finals where they came in at 4th place. Last but not least, their Mixed 4 boat earned a 3rd place ribbon for their race! All in all, their 6 boats raced 12 times!

They will travel to Mathews, Virginia for their final regatta of the spring season. Good luck PA Crew! We believe in you. You've heard the saying, "A great rowing team wasn't built in one season." You haven't? Well now you have. :)

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