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EVSRA Spring Fling Regatta Results

PA Crew participated in their second regatta of the spring season with more outstanding results.

Men's Varsity (A) 4 - 2nd place

To say this race was exciting is an understatement. Our Men's Varsity 4 were in 3rd place for most of the race. Our bow was on their stern at about 170 meters from the finish when they put the power too it. They were able to pull into 2nd place by a mere 1 second for an incredible photo finish. The main stroke for the boat had been unable to attend and our Men's Varsity 4 had a novice stroking and a novice in #2 seat. Out of 10 total boats racing the Men's team had the 2nd fastest time. However, a number of the larger teams were not in attendance at the regatta.

Women's Novice 4 - 1st place Women's Novice 4 Exhibition - 2nd place

The Women's Novice 4 was rigged for a starboard stroke due to the stroke not being able to attend. It was exciting to see PA Crew in 1st and 2nd coming down the course to the finish line. The Women's Novice 4 Exhibition finished 2nd ahead of the 3rd place boat by a solid 13 seconds.

Men's Varsity 4

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